2022 2nd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Automation and High Performance Computing (AIAHPC 2022)


Conference Program (Virtual Conference)

February 25, 2022 (Morning, Keynote Speeches)

  • 09:00-09:05  Opening Remarks  -  Host

  • 09:05-09:50   Keynote Speech I    -   Prof. Shaozhang Niu  -  Content Security of Digital Images

  • 09:50-10:35   Keynote Speech II   -    Assoc. Prof. Xin Yan  -   Accurate estimation of spectral parameters for distributed machine learning on mobile networks

  • 10:35-10:45   Group Photo & Break

  • 10:45-11:30    Keynote Speech III  -    Assoc. Prof. Pavel Loskot  -  Towards Interpretable Computing: Processing Event Time Series to Understand Models of Dynamic Systems

  • 11:30-12:15    Keynote Speech IV  -  Dr. Julien LE KERNEC  -  Radar sensing in assisted living: latest developments

  • 12:15-14:30    Lunch & Break

February 25, 2022 (Afternoon, Oral Speeches)

  • Qing Li - Modeling hybrid systems based on combination of SysML and Modelica

  • Jian Ma - Audio adversarial attack: HIS attack

  • Tongyuan Bai - Research on Audio Recognition and Processing Based on MLP model

  • Xun Li - An Evading Strategy for Hypersonic Vehicle Against Multiple Interceptors via Reinforcement Learning

  • Charlton Sammut - Enhancing Stock Price Prediction Models by using Concept Drift Detectors

  • Runqiao Zhang - Music and musician influence, similarity measure, and music genre division based on social network analysis

  • Jie Huan - Application of Ensemble Learning in Breast Cancer Cell Classification Model

  • Xiaoyu Hao - Attention-based Hashing with Central Similarity Learning for Image Retrieval

  • Yihan Ma 

    -          Prediction of Alpine Meadow Degradation in the source of Sanjiangyuan area based on the K-means and DNN Fusion Model

     -          Reserach on multi-classification method of grassland category based on semi-supervised clustering and clustering
  • 17:00-17:10  End of conference


1. For MS-Power Point presentations, please use the following versions only: PP 97-2003 (*.ppt) or 2007, 2010 to guarantee that it will be opened successfully on PC.

2. We recommend to the PPT/PPTX format instead of PDF.

3. All videos or animations in the presentation must run automatically.


1. Timing: a maximum of 15 minutes total, including speaking time and discussion. Please make sure your presentation is well timed. Please keep in mind that the program is full and that the speaker after you would like their allocated time available to them.

2. You can use CD or USB flash drive (memory stick), make sure you scanned viruses in your own computer. Each speaker is required to meet her/his session chair in the corresponding session rooms 10 minutes before the session starts and copy the slide file(PPT or PDF) to the computer. 

3. It is suggested that you email a copy of your presentation to your personal inbox as a backup. If for some reason the files can’t be accessed from your flash drive, you will be able to download them to the computer from your email. 

4. Please note that each session room will be equipped with a LCD projector, screen, point device, microphone, and a laptop with general presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Reader. Please make sure that your files are compatible and readable with our operation system by using commonly used fronts and symbols. If you plan to use your own computer, please try the connection and make sure it works before your presentation. 

5. Movies: If your PowerPoint files contain movies please make sure that they are well formatted and connected to the main files.