2024 4th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Automation and High Performance Computing (AIAHPC 2024)

AIAHPC 2021- China

2021 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Automation 

and High Performance Computing (AIAHPC 2021)

2021 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Automation and High Performance Computing (AIAHPC) is to bring together innovative academics, industrial experts, engineers, students and practitioners working all around the world to promote scientific information interchange in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Design Technologies and their Applications. 

AIAHPC 2021 includes inviting talks, oral presentations and poster presentations of refereed papers. We invite submissions of papers and abstracts on all topics related to artificial intelligence, automation and high performance computing. The conference will provide networking opportunities for participants to share ideas, designs, and experiences on the state-of-the-art and future direction of artificial intelligence, automation and high performance computing. AIAHPC 2021 will feature a high-quality technical & experiential program dealing with a mix of traditional and contemporary hot topics in paper presentations and high-profile keynotes. 


The first speaker is Prof. Renke He,from Hunan University, his speech title is 'New Engineering. New Design'. The main point of his speech is: In response to the challenges and opportunities that artificial intelligence brings to industrial design and design education, School of Design of Hunan University explores the new curriculum teaching system based on the combination of engineering and design through "discipline connotation innovation" and "social practice ecosystem innovation". The school has established the following 6 major industrial design professional modules, trying to integrate artificial intelligence and industrial design organically.

And then, S.A. Fei Shi, from Amazon Web Services (AWS), shared his excellent speech 'Artificial intelligence services built on the cloud' . He said, "For 13 years, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been the world’s most abundant and widely used cloud service platform, relying on global data centers to provide more than 165 full-featured services, millions of customers choose AWS to provide technical support for their infrastructure to improve their agility and reduce costs. In the fields of healthcare and life sciences, AWS provides more than 100 HIPAA-compliant services, and provides advanced machine learning and analysis tools and data interoperability frameworks that are easy to build and deploy. Through the most comprehensive cloud platform and services, it will help the global healthcare and life science industries complete digital transformation, achieve personalized patient health journeys, improve data-driven decision-making and accelerate precision medical research. At the same time, a large number of health care and life science organizations and educational institutions also widely use the AWS platform for innovation and research. In the report, the speaker will share an overview of AWS, trends at home and abroad in the fields of gene sequencing, medical artificial intelligence, and Internet medicine, as well as the global cutting-edge precision medicine development trend. From high-performance computing to machine learning, from clinical systems to genomics, AWS helps users improve agility, introduce innovative technology best practices and customer cases."


After a short break,Prof. Shouqian Sun, from Zhejiang University,gave his advanced topic 'The future of a new generation of human-machine integration and innovative design' . The abstract as following: 

After the Design 1.0 era dominated by the agricultural economy and the Design 2.0 era dominated by industrial design, the design is now stepping into the Design 3.0 era dominated by innovative design. The arrival of the Design 3.0 era puts forward higher requirements for innovative design, especially the human-machine fusion in the human-oriented component of innovative design. In this regard, from the perspective of the application of human-machine fusion in the digital creative industry and new service industry, this report summarized the core theory, technology, application scenario, and business model of the human-machine theory. Basic on this, the development path of the innovative design was discussed. This report states that, as a strategic emerging industry, the digital creative industry can effectively promote continuous integration, penetration, and transformation of traditional manufacturing, cultural industries, and design services, which is a crucial area for winning further competitive advantages in the future. Human-machine fusion is the key theory of innovative design and has a significant impact to the development of the innovative design. In the future, the innovative design is bound to be a multi-dimensional integration of human, physical, and information.


The last speaker of the morning session is Assoc. Prof. Shangsong Liang, from Sun Yat-sen University with the topic of 'Deep learning and application' .  Abstract was ' This talk tries to give a gentle introduction to deep learning in Artificial Intelligence, proceeding from theoretical foundations to applications. We first discuss general reasons for the popularity of deep learning, including several major breakthroughs in computer science. Next, we start reviewing the fundamental basics of the perceptron and neural networks, along with some fundamental theory that is often omitted. Doing so allows us to understand the reasons for the rise of deep learning in many application domains. We also discuss some recent trends in Artificial Intelligence, modeling, and reconstruction that have led to astonishing results.'


To the afternoon session, Associate Professor Dr. Sri Devi Ravana and Prof. Asma Shaheen gave their inspring report respectively. And the topic were Information Retrieval Systems Evaluation using Test Collections: Issues and Challenges and New Paradigm for Search Evaluation in Rapidly Evolving Crisis Scenarios' , ' The Growing Paradigms of Geostatistics, Geocomputing and SDSS towards Smart GIS'.



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These scholars shared their execellent and advanced opinion on the confenrence of AIAHPC 2021, Thanks for their inspiring report.